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Complex Services and According Business Models – Design and Evaluation of an Analysis Framework in the Field of Telemedicine

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Peters, C.; Kromat, T.; Leimeister, J.
Tung X. Bui, Ralph H. Sprague Jr.
IEEE Computer Society 2015
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Koloa, Hawaii, USA
48th Hawaiin International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 2015)

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Successful business models in the field of complex services are rare and often not profitable so far. In this design science research paper, we build and evaluate an analysis framework for such business models using the exemplary field of telemedicine. The framework is a morphological box. Its dimensions are derived from existing literature. In a second iteration and after applying it to 16 services, it is refined. The resulting artifact reveals three types of typical business model: enablers, supporters and patient-centered innovators. Besides the identification of these types, the framework allows service providers for the delimitation of own business models to others, for assessing competitors and consequently for the informed design of features leading to competitive advantages. The framework's structure allows for the elicitation of white spots - so far not existing patterns - for future business models and facilitates the provider's strategic positioning within the market and potential future adaptations.

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