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Verbesserung des Meldeverfahrens im ADAC-Staumeldedienst durch Einsatz von Mobilfunktechnologien

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Sommer, C.
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Today nearly about 100.000 drivers are registered as voluntary "congestion messengers" within Germany's automobile club ADAC or related broadcasting companies. The drivers are asked to report traffic incidents by giving a phone call to the ADAC traffic office. This information is combined with data being collected from other sources and put on the air.

In this manner, ADAC provides current traffic information in German road network. Although the service works rather well, improvements are desirable. Though, each call is received by a human operator, sometimes only inaccurate information can be gained. Furthermore, long lasting and also wrong calls should be reduced. To solve these problems, GSM-positioning was used to locate a driver automatically. An interactive voice response system received each call. The driver was able to give his information in a standardised manner. Calls from unregistered mobile phones were denied. Using GSM-positioning and an IVR-system, quality of traffic information improved significantly. The article describes characteristics of the optimised service and the messaging procedure as well as results of the empirical analysis of user acceptance.

Akzeptanz, Information management, Location-based-service, Mobilfunk, Ortung, Stau, Staumelder, Telefon, Telephone, Traffic congestion, Verkehrsinformation


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