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Evaluating the Quality of Technology-Mediated Learning Services

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Bitzer, P.; Söllner, M.; Leimeister, J.
Baskerville, R.; Chau, M.
Association for Information Systems
Milano, Italy
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Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems - Reshaping Society through Information Systems Design, ICIS 2013


Technology-mediated Learning Services (TMLS) play an increasingly important role in the learning services industry. Despite the fact that the importance of a holistic evaluation of TMLS quality has been highlighted in the literature to derive transferable research results on multiple dimensions, it has not yet been examined. To address this gap, we first synthesize the existing insights on structure, recipients’ predisposition, process and results quality of TMLS and develop a comprehensive approach to measure TMLS quality. Afterwards, we develop our research model and examine the importance of the different constructs of TMLS quality. We rely on findings in the body of literature, a focus group workshop and a card-sorting exercise to develop our TMLS quality model. Thereafter, we collect data from 163 participants of TMLS software-training to empirically evaluate our scale and research model. Our core results are a TMLS quality model, including a newly developed TMLS process dimension.

technology{\_}mediated{\_}learning{\_}services pub{\_}jml service{\_}quality pub{\_}pbi evaluation dempub service{\_}productivity itegpub pub{\_}msö

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