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A software-based method for ergonomic posture assessment in automotive preproduction planning: Concordance and difference in using software and personal observation for assessments

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Klippert, J.; Gudehus, T.; Zick, J.
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Human Factors and Ergonomics in Manufacturing and Service Industries
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This article describes the pilot study for testing a system for ergonomic posture assessment.1 The software-based approach for ergonomic assessment is based on motion capturing work tasks using realistic mock-ups of the assembly environment. The approach for ergonomic assessment reduces the expenditure of time for evaluation. This may lead to considerable ergonomic aspects during the early stages of production planning. A comparative test between human observers and the software system was carried out. The test of the system focuses on correct recognition of postures from the motion data and compares the computer-based evaluation with the results of a manual analysis carried out by a human observer. The tests indicate sufficient results for the automated assessment, especially for the arm and leg postures. But there is still some potential for further improvement of the recognition accuracy of the back postures.

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