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Two new Trechispora species from La Reunion Island

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Ordynets, O.; Larsson, K.; Langer, E.
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Mycological Progress
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Two new species of corticioid Basidiomycota are described: Trechispora cyatheae Ordynets, Langer & K.H. Larss. sp. nov., and T. echinocristallina Ordynets, Langer & K.H. Larss. sp. nov. Both species were repeatedly collected in 2013 and 2015 in tropical rain forests of La Réunion Island (West Indian Ocean). In addition to La Réunion, we report T. echinocristallina from Papua New Guinea. Trechispora cyatheae has very small basidiospores not exceeding 3.5μm in length, and sporulates on dead frond stipes of Cyathea glauca Bory, the tree fern endemic to La Réunion. Trechispora echinocristallina has thick dimitic fruit bodies found on tiny woody and non-woody forest debris and soil. It has unique crystal aggregations composed of thick-walled crystalline spheres, covered by numerous radially protruding needle-like crystals. This crystal configuration was hitherto not known in Trechisporales K.H. Larss. Both new species are illustrated as line drawings and microphotographs. Their relationships to other Trechispora species is evaluated by maximum likelihood and Bayesian inference of phylogeny based on concatenated ITS and LSU rDNA datasets.

Agaricomycetes, Biogeography, Corticioid fungi, Endemism, Hydnodontaceae


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