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Zur Geschichte der Betonbrücken

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Fehling, E.; Leutbecher, T.
Tönsmann, F.
kassel university press
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Brücken – Historische Wege über den Fluss, Tagungsband zum 13. Kasseler Technikgeschichtlichen Kolloquium

On the basis of the beginnings in ancient times the history of development of solid bridge structures is outlined ranging from the stone bridges of the Roman Empire over the first reinforced concrete bridges up to current applications. The pioneers of reinforced concrete structures, like Joseph Monier, François Hennebique or Robert Maillart, and their groundbraking ideas and constructions are presented. Further sections of this article are dedicated to prestressed concrete structures and the manufacturing procedures of reinforced concrete bridges, e.g. the cantilever method and the incremental launching method, developed after the Second World War. Finally, applications from the field of composite structures as well as new challenges and chances for concrete bridge structures, which arise from the development of Ultra High Performance Concrete, are illustrated by examples.

Beton, Brückenbau, Eisenbeton, Spannbetonbau, Stahlbetonbau, Steinbrücken

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