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Effect of sowing date and straw mulch on virus incidence and aphid infestation in organically grown faba beans (Vicia faba)

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Saucke, H.; Juergens, M.; Döring, T.; Lesemann, D.; Fittje, S.; Vetten, H.
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Annals of Applied Biology
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The effect of sowing date oil aphid infestation and the incidence of aphid-uansmitted viruses were investigated in organically managed, small-scale field experiments with two faba bean cultivars over 3 years (2002-04). As an additional factor, straw mulch was applied in 2 of the 3 years shortly before the start of vector activity in May. Virus incidence was determined Using enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay and immunoelectron microscopy. Aphid flight activity was monitored Using standard yellow water traps. Bean colonising aphids were assessed throughout the vegetation period by counting the number of plants infested with Acyrthosiphon pisum, Megoura viciae and Aphis fabae. Pea enation mosaic virus and bean yellow mosaic virus were the most abundant aphid-transmitted viruses, being detected in 22-54% and 9-69%, respectively, of the total number of virus-infected plants analysed per year. Further aphid-transmitted viruses found in faba bean were bean leaf roll virus, beet western yellows virus, Clover Yellow vein virus (in 2002) and soybean dwarf Virus (in 2004). A. pisum was the predominant aphid species colonising faba bean plants. Early sowing compared with late sowing led to a significant reduction of the total virus incidence ill fall bean in all 3 years. However, significantly decreased levels of A. pisum colonisation as a result of early sowing were observed only in I year and one cultivar. Irrespective of sowing date, straw mulching had no significant effects Oil virus incidence and aphid colonisation. Compared with late sowing, early sowing significantly increased bean yield in all 3 years and kernel weight in 2 years, whereas straw mulching had no effect oil yield.


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