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Classifications and conventions structure the handling of models within the Digital Factory

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Wenzel, S.; Jessen, U.
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Computers in Industry
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Today, the realization of the Digital Factory is the strategic goal of many manufacturing enterprises for the coming years. Up

to now, the work has focused on the technical linkage of various planning tools. Now, the goal is to integrate aspects of the Digital

Factory into the planning processes. Therefore, it is necessary to define a semantic correlation between the distributed models as

well as the associated databases. Furthermore, a suitable presentation method has to be selected which is appropriate for the

application within a specific task and for a specific target group.

This article presents an approach, which introduces modelling conventions based on a common world view of its users by

applying the metaphor of the Electronic Catalogue as well as a well-defined workflow in order to simplify the work with Digital

Factory models as a substantial step towards the application of the Digital Factory to meet practical requirements.

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