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ProteomeBinders: planning a European resource of affinity reagents for analysis of the human proteome

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Taussig, M.; Stoevesandt, O.; Borrebaeck, C.; Bradbury, A.; Cahill, D.; Cambillau, C.; de Daruvar, A.; Dübel, S.; Eichler, J.; Frank, R.; Gibson, T.; Gloriam, D.; Gold, L.; Herberg, F.; Hermjakob, H.; Hoheisel, J.; Joos, T.; Kallioniemi, O.; Koegl, M.; Konthur, Z.; Korn, B.; Kremmer, E.; Krobitsch, S.; Landegren, U.; van der Maarel, S.; McCafferty, J.; Muyldermans, S.; Nygren, P.; Palcy, S.; Plückthun, A.; Polic, B.; Przybylski, M.; Saviranta, P.; Sawyer, A.; Sherman, D.; Skerra, A.; Templin, M.; Ueffing, M.; Uhlen, M.
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Nature Methods
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ProteomeBinders is a new European consortium aiming to establish a comprehensive resource of well-characterized affinity reagents, including but not limited to antibodies, for analysis of the human proteome. Given the huge diversity of the proteome, the scale of the project is potentially immense but nevertheless feasible in the context of a pan-European or even worldwide coordination.

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