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Enhancing ZF-SIC by Selective Retransmissions: On Algorithms for Determining the Decoding Order

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Selig, M.; Hunziker, T.; Dahlhaus, D.
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Vehicular Technology Conference (VTC Spring), 2011 IEEE 73rd

We consider the uplink of a wireless sensor network with single-antenna sensors, an access point (AP) equipped with multiple antennas, and a common radio channel. To reduce the number of outages resulting from the noise amplification by the zero-forcing (ZF) within the successive interference cancellation (SIC) procedure, the AP is given the possibility to request a selected number of sensors to retransmit their signals in a subsequent time slot. If necessary the AP suspends the ZF-SIC until the requested signals have been retransmitted, making the signal recovery a recursive procedure. The number of sensors required to retransmit depends on the order of the processed sensor signals within the ZF-SIC. We propose two algorithms for determining the decoding order: an algorithm which finds a decoding order necessitating a minimal number of retransmissions, and a suboptimal alternative algorithm with significantly lower complexity. By numerical means the performance and complexities of the considered algorithms are analyzed.

access point, antennas, Complexity theory, decoding, Decoding, decoding order, Heuristic algorithms, interference suppression, MIMO, noise amplification, radio channel, Sensors, sensor signal processing, signal processing, single-antenna sensors, successive interference cancellation, Transmitting antennas, wireless channels, wireless sensor network, wireless sensor networks, Wireless sensor networks, zero-forcing, ZF-SIC enhancement

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