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Verwendung von Breitband Empfängern zur Detektion von Funkstörungen an Freileitungen

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Raulf, T.; Claudi, A.
VDE Verlag
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VDE-Hochspannungstechnik 2016
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Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) are going to be used more and more in the near future regarding the inspection of high voltage overhead lines. Processing inspection via UAS, sensors in use have to be lightweight as well as compact requiring low power consumption.

One of the typical problems related to overhead lines is to be seen in the possible occurrence of radio interference regarding especially radio for authorities and organizations providing security tasks as well as aviation radio and broadcasting in consequence of partial discharges in air. This phenomenon has been especially observed at glass cap insulators at the interface between the metallic fittings.

The “Bundesnetzagentur” (Federal Network Agency) is actually only capable detecting the most disturbing pole of the line (highest disrupter) meaning a high costly effort for the overhead line operator due to the fact that a complete section of the line has to be switched off in terms of eliminating interference.

The technology of future measuring receivers is getting more compact and lightweight due to the fact of new integrated circuits. In most of the cases software defined radio receivers are to be expected not much larger as a USB memory stick. With regard to the compact design that kind of receivers should be ideal for the use in conjunction with an UAS being able investigating the electromagnetic spectrum and as well as detecting radio interference.

The first tests and examinations using such a wideband receiver are presented in this paper showing the usefulness and applicability for detection of radio interference. The application is not only limited in terms of the operation in combination with an UAS also being ready for an operation in a manual way as a compact and handy receiver.

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