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Measuring consumers’ information acquisition and decision behavior with the computer-based information-display-matrix

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Aschemann-Witzel, J.; Hamm, U.
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Methodology: European Journal of Research Methods for the Behavioral and Social Sciences
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The former judgment that the process-tracing method information-display-matrix (IDM) lacks external validity should be questioned in the light of technical advances and changing consumer behavior. The new research environment offers possibilities for a close-to-realistic refinement and further development of the method: starting points are choice of location, increased relevance of choice, individual adjustment of task structure, simplified navigation, and realistic layout. Used in multi-measurement-approaches, the IDM can provide detailed background information about consumer information behavior prior to decisions reached in interviews or choice experiments. The contribution introduces to the method and its development, use, and (dis-)advantages. Results of a survey illustrate the options for analysis and indicate that consumer behavior in the IDM, compared to face-to-face-interviews, is less biased by social desirability. (PsycINFO Database Record (c) 2012 APA, all rights reserved)

Computers, Consumer Research, Information Seeking, Measurement, Observation Methods, Technology


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