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Hygrical shrinkage stresses in tiling systems: Numerical modeling combined with field studies

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Herwegh, M.; Zurbriggen, R.; Mettier, R.; Winnefeld, F.; Kaufmann, J.; Wetzel, A.
Cement and Concrete Composites

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To track down potential sites of material failure in the tile-mortar-substrate systems, locations andintensities of stress concentrations owing to drying-induced shrinkage are investigated. For this purpose,mechanical properties were measured on real systems and used as input parameters for numerical modelingof the effect of shrinkage of substrate and/or mortar using the finite element code Abaqus. On thebase of different geometrical set-ups we demonstrate that stress concentrations in the mortar canbecome critical when (i) substantial mortar shrinkage occurs, (ii) substrate shrinkage can accumulateover considerable spatial distances, particularly (iii) in situations where the mortar layer is not separatedfrom the substrate by a flexible waterproofing membrane. Hence material failure in the system tile-mortar-substrate can be prevented (or reduced) by (i) an application of the tiles after the major stages of substrateshrinkage, (ii) the use of elasto-plastic deformable tile adhesives which can react elastically on localstress concentrations, (iii) the implementation of flexible membranes, and (iv) a reduction of the field sizeby the installation of flexible joints.

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