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Spectrum sensing in cognitive radios: Design of DFT filter banks achieving maximal time-frequency resolution

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Dahlhaus, D.; Hunziker, T.; Rehman, U.
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Information, Communications and Signal Processing (ICICS) 2011 8th International Conference on

broadband networks, broad-band nonstationary signals, channel bank filters, cognitive radio, Cognitive radio, Convex functions, DFT filter banks, discrete Fourier transform filter bank, discrete Fourier transforms, Discrete Fourier transforms, elementary filtering operations, estimation theory, input signal energy, mathematical programming, maximal time-frequency resolution, numerical optimization procedure, Optimization, paraunitary filter banks parametrization, power spectral density, Prototypes, prototype window, radio spectrum management, semidefinite programming, Sensors, spectrum sensing, TF concentration, TF-translated versions, Thomson multitaper method, time-frequency analysis, Time frequency analysis, time-frequency region

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