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One-electron and multi-electron transitions observed in the excitation function of the dissociative photoionization excitation of N₂

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Kitajima, M.; Ukai, M.; Machida, S.; Kameta, K.; Ehresmann, A.; Kouchi, N.; Hatano, Y.; Hayaishi, T.; Shigemasa, E.; Ito, K.
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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The excitation function of the dissociative photoionization excitation (DIE) of N2 has been measured with the detection technique of coincidence between photoion N+ and a fluorescence photon emitted from an excited atom N* using extreme- UV synchrotron radiation ( SR) as an excitation source in the energy region of 35 - 65 eV. The axis of the detection system was set at two angles, parallel or perpendicular with respect to the major axis of the elliptically polarized SR, in the present measurement. The coincidence spectra obtained in this energy region show at least two qualitatively different structures originating from two different DIE processes. The major components of the DIE in the present energy region are ascribed to the dissociation of the 2σg-1 2Σg+ state which is strongly coupled with correlation states in the 2Σg+ symmetry. In addition, DIE from other precursor states in the symmetry or dissociative photo-double ionization excitation (DDIE) was also observed.

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