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Team Description: Carpe Noctem 2012

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Amma, T.; Beifuß, J.; Gawora, F.; Geihs, K.; Jakob, S.; Kirchner, D.; Kubitza, N.; Liebscher, K.; Luehring, C.; Opfer, S.; Reichle, R.; Saur, D.; Seute, F.; Skubch, H.; Triller, S.; Walden, D.; Wetzel, M.; Witsch, A.
Universität Kassel
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Carpe Noctem is a Mid-Size League RoboCup team at theUniversity of Kassel. It is part of the Distributed Autonomous SystemsLaboratory of the Distributed Systems Group which is well known forits research contributions on middleware platforms, distributed systemmanagement, and software technologies for distributed systems. CarpeNoctem is a team of researchers and students who collectively aim atcompeting in the RoboCup championships. Several undergraduate stu-dents are involved in the research as part of their bachelor or masterthesis, and the achieved results are directly integrated into the overallsystem. Carpe Noctem successfully developed a modular and platform-independent communication middleware for autonomous robots in thepast years. The main research focus has now shifted towards representa-tion and robust execution of cooperative strategies in dynamic domains.As such, RoboCup is again an ideal domain to evaluate our approach.

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