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On the Modification of Dielectric Properties of Silicone Gels Using Fillers

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Austermühl, A.; Claudi, A.
Wacker Academy
Conference on Silicon Insulation, Burghausen

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Silicone gels belong to the RTV-2 silicone rubbers, which consist of two components and in this investigation were filled with two different kinds of metal oxides. This additives consists of particles with nonlinear electrical conductivity dependence on the electrical field. These kind of compound could be used for field grading applications or reduce electrical transient stresses. The investigations of the electrical properties primarily take place by detecting the current density over the electrical field strength with different filling degrees of doped ZnO and mica pigments with metal oxide coating as an additive. The dependence of the filling degree to the electric current over the electric field has been evaluated. Furthermore the permittivity and a texture profile analysis were performed. The findings show that silicone gels with metal oxide pigments could be an interesting material in the field of HV insulation technology to be used as a field grading or stress control technique.

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