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Evaluation der Bildungsstandards – eine fächerübergreifende Testkonzeption für den Kompetenzbereich Erkenntnisgewinnung

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Wellnitz, N.; Fischer, H.; Kauertz, A.; Mayer, J.; Neumann, I.; Pant, H.; Sumfleth, E.; Walpuski, M.
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Zeitschrift für Didaktik der Naturwissenschaften
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Starting in 2012, the achievement of the National Standards for science education is assessed through a comparison between the federal states aiming at a continuous enhancement of education in schools. The comparison is based on empirical data that systematically informs about the competencies students possess at the time of the survey. This article presents the standard-based modelling of competencies within the project „Evaluation of the National Educational Standards for Natural Sciences at the Lower Secondary Level“. The focus is on the competence area of acquirement of knowledge. Based on national and international results, an interdisciplinary competence model is derived for the science subjects Biology, Chemistry and Physics. The model consists of the dimensions areas of competence, cognitive processes and complexity. The paper details the three dimensions and describes level features of criterion-oriented assessment. Sample items illustrate which competencies are needed to solve the items. Finally, the design of the pilot study as well as first results are presented.

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