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Monitoring of overhead lines with unmanned aerial vehicles and real time kinematic navigation

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Raulf, T.; Claudi, A.
UWB - Faculty of Electrical Engineering
University of West Bohemia
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19th International Symposium on High Voltage Engineering

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Unmanned aerial vehicles are more often used in overhead line monitoring. For those flying platforms will be equipped with various sensors that allow an inspection of the poles, conductor cable and fittings. In this case, the full potential of these UAVs is not exploited because they are still controlled manually. One reason for this is certainly inaccurate position determination using low cost GPS receivers. This paper presents the advantages, benefits and the experience with real time kinematic systems for navigation with UAVs of overhead lines. Important for the overhead line monitoring is increasing the reliability and more accurate positioning that protects on the one hand the pilot of errors, but also the reliability of the navigation solution. The better navigation paves the way for other additional sensors and new methods. The test setup used for the comparison between the low cost receiver and the RTK system is presented and also the obtained measurement results and findings described. The investigations prove the suitability of a precise RTK system for aerial survey of overhead lines. It also discusses the experiences and benefits of high-precision-controlled semi-autonomous unmanned aerial vehicles for the overhead line monitoring.

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