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Experimental Investigations on Anchorage of Rebars in UHPC

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Fehling, E.; Lorenz, P.; Leutbecher, T.
Schmidt, M.; Fehling, E.; Glotzbach, C; Fröhlich, S.; Piotrowski, S.
kassel university press GmbH
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Ultra High Performance Concrete and Nanotechnology in Construction, 3rd International Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete and Nanotechnology for High Performance Construction Materials
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Schriftenreihe Baustoffe und Massivbau
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Designing reinforced UHPC concrete structures requires information about the bond-behavior of non-prestressed rebars. Determining the influence of the main parameters in test series is necessary, especially in order to acquire the basic information needed to develop design-regulations. Because of the high compression strength, UHPC-structures are often filigree. Therefore the concrete cover and the failure mode are the main parameters in these investigations. If fibers are used, it is important to know how they influence the bond behavior or if they can replace a transverse reinforcement. Further important parameters are the bar diameter, rib geometry, pouring direction of concrete and load direction. In the building practice, the relevant influences of the aforementioned parameters are important. The main intention is to find out the necessary bond length and concrete cover of non-prestressed rebars in UHPC under these parameters.

anchorage, bond, Rebars, UHPC, UHPFRC

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