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Magneto-optic surface plasmon resonance optimum layers: Simulations for biological relevant refractive index changes

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Kämpf, K.; Kübler, S.; Herberg, F.; Ehresmann, A.
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Journal of Applied Physics
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The transfer matrix method is used to simulate the magneto-optic surface plasmon resonance (MOSPR) of Au/Co/Au trilayer systems focused on the magneto-optic activity in transverse configuration. The results show a strong thickness dependence of the normalized difference of reflectivity at opposite directions of the magnetization (δ-signal) and a strong change of the δ-signal with the refractive indexn of the biologically active layer. Within a range of the refractive index typically covered by a commercial SPR biosensor (n=1.33-1.40), the magnitude of the δ-signal of an Au(10.75 nm)/Co(6 nm)/Au(20.25 nm) trilayer decreases from small to large n by a factor >63. This finding demonstrates that the enhanced sensitivity of an MOSPR biosensor can be exploited only by defined thicknesses of the metal layers for distinct refractive index regions.

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