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Crack Formation and Tensile Behaviour of UHPC Reinforced with a Combination of Rebars and Fibres

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Leutbecher, T.; Fehling, E.
Fehling, E.; Schmidt, M.; Stürwald, S.
kassel university press GmbH
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Ultra High Performance Concrete (UHPC), Second International Symposium on Ultra High Performance Concrete
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Schriftenreihe Baustoffe und Massivbau
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To carry tensile loads beyond the tensile strength of fibre reinforced UHPC in beams or tensile members, fibres can be combined with conventional bar reinforcement or prestressing steel. Thereby, the structural and deformation behaviour in serviceability as well as in ultimate limit state is affected significantly. Based on equilibrium and compatibility, the introduced mechanical model enables to predict both the integral load-deformation-behaviour and the width of discrete cracks of UHPC-tensile members reinforced with rebars and fibres. Fundamentals are the well-known mechanical principles for cracked reinforced concrete and the stress-crack-opening-relationship of fibre concrete. The application of the proposed model to an extensive test series with numerous varied parameters shows a very good agreement even for fibre-reinforced UHPC with strain softening behaviour.

combined reinforcement, crack width, durability, economic mix design, tensile behaviour

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