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Handling the dry-off problem in organic dairy herds by teat sealing or homeopathy compared to therapy omission

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Klocke, P.; Ivemeyer, S.; Walkenhorst, M.; Maeschli, A.; Heil, F.
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Odense, Denmark
Conference Proceedings Joint Organic Congress, May 30-31, 2006

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Avoiding antibiotics is one of the crucial goals in organic dairy herd health management. Thus, a trial with 102 cows (408 quarters) was conducted to com-pare 2 common medical dry-off practices in organic dairying, internal teat sealant (Orbeseal?, Pfizer) and herd specific homeopathic remedies, with an untreated control. Regarding the sub-clinical mastitis protection rate (IPR), the results show no significant benefit for the two treatment groups in general. The homeopathic group had an advantage in the treatment of cows at drying off showing less than 200k cells/ml. The protection OR of these cows was 5.80 (95\%-CI 1.36-29.87) compared to control. Teat sealants showed the best results in protection against environmental infections. Only 13\% (n=10/80) of the primarily healthy quarters were infected by environmental Streptococci, Enterococci or Coliforms after calving compared to 21\% (15/70; n.s.) after homeopathic treatment and 28\% in the control group. This is a 3-fold protection chance (3.04 - 95\%-CI 1.2-9.0) compared to control. The results indicate that in herds with good udder health with few environmental infections, a treatment at drying off can be omitted, while sub-clinically in-fected cows could be treated by homeopathics. Only in case of increased environmental infection risk, a strategic teat sealant usage is recommended.

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