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"Zwischen Nullbock und Höhenflug" : eine explorative Studie zur Rekonstruktion von Themen innerhalb gestalterischer Prozesse im Tanz

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Freytag, V.
Universitätsbibliothek Paderborn
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The qualitative exploratory survey focuses on designing dance in an academic setting mainly for didactic purpose. It identifies aspects that are relevant for sports students while developing and designing dance during their studies - mainly during practical examinations and tests. For the first time, detailled information are given on how students experience the creative process when composing and performing dance. Generally five central aspects can be figured out: 1.) Running through creative processes: between "sick of" and "fly high" (experiencing ups and downs in protracted design processes); 2.) Joint designing: between individual and collecitve (experiencing group dynamics, such as to deal with eachother, to hold back, to assert, to compromise); 3. ) Self-presentation: "I could have never identified with something else" (realizing own interests, for example through music, a theme, a dance style); 4.) Performing roles: "How does a zombie move?" (identifying with a dancing role and performing it physically); 5.) To show oneself - to prefer to hide: "I as a non-dancer in the spotlight" (experiencing public situations when being physically in focus, for example during samplings or presentations). In the following, the experience of ambivalence as a central dimension of design processes in dance is underlined and presented as an interdisciplinary learning experience during creative acting.Due to the five central aspects, at the one hand, and the experience of ambivalence as a central means, at the other hand, the category design - which hitherto had little relevance in empirical and theoretical sport pedagogy - receives new impulses for further discussion and analysis.


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