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Analysis of landscape transformation processes in and around four West African cities over the last 50 years

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Brinkmann, K.; Schumacher, J.; Dittrich, A.; Kadaore, I.; Bürkert, A.
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Landscape and Urban Planning
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Sub-Saharan Africa has experienced substantial urbanisation and land degradation processes over thepast three decades. Using multi-source satellite imagery combined with geographical and demographicdata, this study’s aims were to analyse the extent of land cover changes (LCC) and identifying majorlandscape transformation processes (LTP) and their drivers for four West African cities in Mali, Burkina-Faso, Nigeria and Niger. A common classification scheme was used for a visual interpretation of Coronaimages from the 1960s and an automated classification of Landsat scenes from 1986, 2000/2001 and2009. Based on a postclassification comparison LCC were summarized and related to the demographictrends of the past 50 years. Map changes were calculated from 1986 to 2009 to depict LTP (urbanisation,crop expansion, deforestation, and land abandonment) for the cities and their respective hinterlands. Toinvestigate the effect of accessibility and infrastructural factors, LTP were related to the distance to roads,surface water and urban areas. From 1960 to 2009 a large-scale urban agglomeration was detected andthe proportion of cultivated land in former natural woody savannas surrounding all four cities increasedby 35%. The expansion of cropland during the past 30 years seemed to depend greatly on the availabilityof irrigation water in the semi-arid Sahelian cities (Kano and Niamey), whilst this was not a major drivingfactor for the cities of the Sudanian zone (Sikasso and Bobo-Dioulasso). Given the likely increase in waterscarcity and land suitable for agriculture, ex ante land use planning and monitoring strategies will becomeincreasingly important.

Corona, Landsat, Satellite image classification, Urban and peri-urban agriculture, Urbanisation

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