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Photovoltaic and photoconductivity effect in thin-film phototransistors based on a heterocyclic spiro-type molecule

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Saragi, T.; Londenberg, J.; Salbeck, J.
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Journal of Applied Physics
Pages range:
046104/1 - 046104/3
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We reported on photovoltaic and photoconductivity effects as the underlying mechanism in thin-film phototransistors based on 2,2('),6,6(')-Tetraphenyl-4,4(')-spirobi[cyclopenta[2,1-b;3,4-b(')]dithiophene]. The responsivity and the ratio of photocurrent to dark current were 25 A/W and 290, respectively. Our devices also exhibited a field-effect mobility of (1-2)x10(-4) cm(2)/V s and an ON/OFF ratio of similar to 10(3). Hysteresis in the transfer curve was observed after the curves were measured from the ON-state to the OFF-state and vice versa. In this case, the gate voltage (at drain bias -20 V and drain current -1 nA) shifted by 8 V at an optical power of similar to 20 mu W.

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