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Numerical analysis of blast impact on sealings of neighbouring structures

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Krajewski, W.; Reul, O.; ter Kamp, L.
Benz, Thomas; Nordal, Steinar
CRC Press / Balkema
Proc. 7th European Conference on Numerical Methods in Geotechnical Engineering

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Two case histories of sealings of structures subjected to seismic loads are presented. The first case history deals with the base sealing of a landfill, which has been stressed dynamically during the construction of a drainage gallery. The proof procedure showing that the excavation blastings have been acceptable for the sealing is discussed. In the second case history, a pit for blast impacts will be sealed at the base by a plastic liner and a concrete raft to protect the groundwater. Extended investigations comprising large scale blasting tests and dynamic finite element and finite difference analysis, respectively, have been performed to investigate the influence of the blast impacts on the sealing. In summary, the case history shows, that numerical analyses are well suited for the investigation of seismic problems. However, the required scientific and technical knowledge as well as the expenditure for system modelling and calibration are rather high.

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