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Organic solid-state ultraviolet-laser based on spiro-terphenyl

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Spehr, T.; Siebert, A.; Fuhrmann-Lieker, T.; Salbeck, J.; Rabe, T.; Riedl, T.; Kowalsky, H.; Wang, J.; Weimann, T.; Hinze, P.
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Applied Physics Letters
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Appl. Phys. Lett.
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We report on organic semiconductor lasers based on spiro-terphenyl as active gain medium in asecond-order distributed feedback DFB structure. In contrast to neat p-terphenyl, the spiro-linkedcompound forms vitreous amorphous films-an essential prerequisite for low loss laser structures.Spiro-terphenyl shows amplified spontaneous emission in the ultraviolet part of the spectrum at 381nm. Thin-film lasers with DFB grating periods between 200 and 230 nm exhibit emissionwavelengths between 361.9 and 393.8 nm. The minimum threshold energy density under opticalpumping is as low as 8.9 J/cm2 383 nm. Therefore, the novel spiro-linked compound paves theway for low-threshold, widely tunable organic semiconductor lasers advancing into the ultravioletspectral region.

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