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The Agony of Choice – Analyzing User Preferences regarding Gamification Elements in Learning Management Systems

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Schöbel, S.; Söllner, M.; Leimeister, J.
Ågerfalk, P. J.; Levina, N.; Kien, S. S.
Association for Information Systems
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Dublin, Ireland
Proceedings of the International Conference on Information Systems - Digital Innovation at the Crossroads, ICIS 2016

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Gamification is an approach to motivate users of information systems by implementing game elements. Despite its potentials, the use of gamification in practice has also received criticism because most gamification elements are integrated into systems without considering the preferences of the respective users and without considering contextual aspects. Hence, we aim at identifying which elements users of learning management systems prefer. Furthermore, we want to identify their preferences regarding the amount and combination of gamification elements. To identify user preferences, we conducted a discrete choice task among learning management system users following the best-worst scaling method. Our results show that users prefer a bundle of four gamification elements: level, goals, status, and points. This is especially interesting since popular elements, such as a leaderboard or badges, are not most preferred. This highlights the need to consider user preferences and contextual aspects to ensure a successful implementation of gamification elements.

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