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Erfahrungen bei der Haltung horntragender Milchkühe im Laufstall ? Probleme und Lösungsansätze in der Praxis

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Schneider, C.; Ivemeyer, S.; Klocke, P.; Knierim, U.
Mayer et al.
Verlag Dr. Köster
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Beiträge zur 10. Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau
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Tagunsbände Wissenschaftstagung Ökologischer Landbau
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Loose housing systems are commonly designed for cows without horns. Farmers keeping horned herds are facing increased risks of injuries among the cows. Interviews were carried out on farms with 62 horned dairy herds in order to collect practical evidence on problems and suitable measures related to the keeping of loose housed horned cows. Most farmers see the feeding area, the cubicles and the waiting area before milking as problem areas. A possibility to securely lock all cows in the feeding rack and an easy retreat from the rack is regarded important. The cubicles should offer an exit to the front, which can be used by cows when attacked from behind. Generous space allowances in the waiting area as well as in the whole stable were recommended. Regarding management measures which help to improve conditions in an existing stable, especially a number of adequate measures to integrate new cows into the herd were described by the farmers.

Hörner, Laufstall, Milchvieh

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