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Capacity of Low-Voltage Grids for DistributedGeneration: Classification by Meansof Stochastic Simulations

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Breker, S.; Claudi, A.; Sick, B.
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IEEE Transactions on Power Systems
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Vol. 30

Without appropriate counteraction, the high amountof installed distributed generators (DG) at the low-voltage distributionlevel may cause overloading of electrical equipments andviolation of voltage limits in many grids. Because of the historicallygrown low-voltage grids and their local and geographic dependencies,complex grid structures can be found. Thus, the discriminationof grids concerning their DG capacity is a difficult task. Wepropose a novel three-step classification strategy to distinguish variouskinds of low-voltage grids regarding their DG capacity. Ourmethod is based on a stochastic simulation procedure and a subsequentparametric stochastic modeling, which allows for a probabilitybased classification approach. The classification results canbe regarded as probabilistic class memberships or, if sharp membershipsare required, the class with the maximum probability canbe selected. The proposed approach will not only help distributionsystem operators to face the challenges in future grid planning andfocus their work on further enhancement of weak grid structures,but it will also be valuable in choosing relevant grids for detailedsurveys. To demonstrate that our approach actually leads to meaningfulclassification results for real low-voltage grids, we empiricallyevaluate the results for 300 real rural and suburban grids bycomparing them to classification assessments of experts from distributiongrid planning practice.


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