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Lateral pressure on piles due to horizontal soil movement - 1g model tests on single piles and pile rows.

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Bauer, J.; Kempfert, H.; Reul, O.
Gaudin, C.; White, D.
CRC Press/Taylor Francis
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Baco Raton, Florida
839 – 845
Proc. 8th International Conference on Physical Modelling in Geotechnics

Zusammenfassung, Abstract
In soft soil layers vertical piles are frequently loaded laterally by horizontal soil movements caused by eccentric loading or unloading of the ground surface around the piles. In many cases, the lateral pressure acting on piles due to horizontal soil movements is calculated with empirically or analytically based approaches, respectively. In the scope of this paper the results of 1g model tests on single piles and pile rows in Kaolin clay are presented. During the model tests the soil movements were analyzed with the PIV-Method. The model tests investigate the influence of the roughness of the pile-soil-interface, the pile shape and the displacement rate of the soft soil flowing around the pile on the lateral pressure acting on the piles.

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