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Active/exploratory training promotes transfer even in learners with low motivation and cognitive ability

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Richter, T.; Naumann, J.; Keith, N.
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Applied Psychology: Health and Well-Being
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Active training approaches encourage self-directed exploration, whereas guided training stresses direct instruction and external guidance during training. The present research investigated interactions of individual-difference variables - motivation and cognitive ability - and training approach on performance in tasks that are similar to training tasks (analogical transfer) and tasks that are novel and distinct from training tasks (adaptive transfer). In accordance with a resource allocation framework, we expected effects of individual differences on transfer performance to be reduced after active/exploratory training compared with guided training, because participants of exploratory training engage in the same kind of metacognitive processing during training and transfer. Consequently, attentional demands are reduced during transfer, whereas for participants of guided training the transfer situation imposes high attentional demands. Experiment 1 (N= 37) taught a word processing program and Experiment 2 (N= 110) taught a presentation program using either active/exploratory or guided training. Consistent with previous research, training methods were equally effective for analogical transfer but active/exploratory training led to better adaptive transfer. In addition, interaction hypotheses were supported. Contrary to common recommendations, results suggest that active/exploratory training is suitable for promoting transfer even in learners with relatively low motivation and ability. (DIPF/Orig.).

Aufmerksamkeit, Deutschland, Differenzierung, Experimentelle Untersuchung, Forschungsdesign, Individualisierung, Kognitive Kompetenz, Kognitiver Prozess, Lernen, Lernmotivation, Metakognition, Methode, Motivation, Selbstgesteuertes Lernen, Training

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