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Simulating anthropogenic impacts to bird communities in tropical rain forests

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Köhler, P.; Reinhard, K.; Huth, A.
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Biological Conservation
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We used an aggregated modelling approach to simulate the impacts of anthropogenic disturbances on the long-term dynamics of faunal diversity in tropical rain forests. We restricted our study to bird communities even though the approach is more general. We developed a model called BIODIV which simulated the establishment of hypothetical bird species in a forest. Our model was based on the results of a simple matrix model which calculated the spatio-temporal dynamics of a tropical rain forest in Malaysia. We analysed the establishment of bird species in a secondary forest succession and the impacts of 60 different logging scenarios on the diversity of the bird community. Of the three logging parameters (cycle length, method, intensity), logging intensity had the most servere impact on the bird community. In the worst case the number of bird species was reduced to 23% of the species richness found in a primary forest. (C) 2002 Elsevier Science Ltd. All rights reserved.

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