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Advancing the Adoption of a New Generation of Certifications – A Theoretical Model to Explain the Adoption of Continuous Cloud Service Certification by Certification Authorities

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Quinting, A.; Lins, S.; Szefer, J.; Sunyaev, A.
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St. Gallen, Switzerland
13. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2017)

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Cloud certifications are a good means to assure users of high level of security and reliability of certified cloud services. However, cloud environments are highly dynamic due to the challenging cloud characteristics and fast technology life-cycles. We believe that current certifications fail to cope with an ever-changing cloud environment because assessments are based only on manual expert assessments and periodic spot checks. We argue that continuous service certification (CSC) is required to assure reliable and trustworthy cloud services. To understand and enhance CSC's rate of adoption, we examine the adoption process of CSC from the perspective of certification authorities by building on the Diffusion of Innovations theory and the Technology-Organization-Environment framework. Our findings reveal that the innovation's characteristics, organizational and environmental influences will affect the adoption of CSC by certification authorities. We advance the understanding of the CSC adoption process by providing a synthesis and discussion of important factors.

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