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The Effect of Continuous Cloud Service Certification on Cloud Service Customers (Doctoral Consortium Paper)

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Lins, S.
St. Gallen, Switzerland
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13. Internationale Tagung Wirtschaftsinformatik (WI 2017)


Continuous service certification (CSC)
of cloud services enables certification authorities to immediately react
to changes or events concerning the cloud service and to adjust their
certification reports based on assessment of these changes and events.
Performing CSC is beneficial for cloud providers, certification
authorities and customers altogether. Yet, CSC currently remains
underexplored and evaluated in trials only, and is therefore on its
pre-diffusion stage. To enhance the diffusion of CSC, I'm trying to
identify characteristics of CSC that will influence cloud service
customers during my dissertation. Therefore, I'm developing an
explanatory theoretical model that describes and explains the effects of
CSC on customers' perceptions by applying a mixed method research
approach. Initial findings reveal that CSC exhibits unique
characteristics (i.e., timeliness of results, scope and risks) that
influence customers' perceptions about a certification and the certified
cloud service.


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