Behavioral Foundation and Agent-Based Simulation of Regional Innovation Dynamics

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Daskalakis, M.; Beckenbach, F.; Briegel, R.
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Papers on Agent-Based Economics, No 3

Starting from the observation that there exists a broad variety for the level as well as for the connectedness of innovation activities in a regional context, we try to figure out a behavioral approach for explaining such a variety. This approach is composed of (i)conceptual and theoretical reflections about the micro-foundation of innovation activities, (ii)an agent-based simulation model for these activities and (iii)empirical regional survey studies as a measuring rod for such an approach. Such a composition can fill the explanatory gap between external conditions for regional innovation activities on one side and the observable innovation outcome by specifying plausible internal conditions for novelty creating activities on the other side. Furthermore the emergence of regional innovation networks can be explained.

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