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Mean bit-error rates for OFDM transmission with robust channel estimation and space diversity reception

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Dahlhaus, D.; Furrer, S.
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Broadband Communications, 2002. Access, Transmission, Networking. 2002 International Zurich Seminar on

BER, Bit error rate, broadband WLAN, Channel estimation, closed form expression, coherent binary signaling, coherent detection, diversity reception, Diversity reception, Error analysis, error statistics, estimator-to-channel statistics mismatch, fading channels, Frequency division multiplexing, least mean squares methods, linear minimum mean-square-error estimation, LMMSE estimation, mean bit-error rates, mobile computing, mobile radio, multipath channels, OFDM, OFDM modulation, OFDM transmission, orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing, parameter estimation, performance, Performance analysis, Rayleigh channels, Rician channels, robust channel estimation, robustness, Robustness, Signal analysis, signal detection, single antenna reception, space diversity reception, Statistical analysis, telecommunication signalling, wireless LAN, wireless local area network


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