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Wideband angle of arrival estimation using the SAGE algorithm

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Dahlhaus, D.; Fleury, B.; Heddergott, R.; Tschudin, M.
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79-85 vol.1
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Spread Spectrum Techniques and Applications Proceedings, 1996., IEEE 4th International Symposium on
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array signal processing, azimuthal incidence direction, complex amplitude, convergence of numerical methods, delays, direction-of-arrival estimation, discrete propagation model, discrete synthetic propagation environments, electromagnetic field, Electromagnetic fields, Electromagnetic modeling, Electromagnetic propagation, Electromagnetic scattering, High performance computing, high resolution, incidence direction, joint maximum-likelihood estimate, land mobile radio, linear antenna arrays, linear array, maximum likelihood estimation, Maximum likelihood estimation, mean convergence rate, Mobile communication, Monte Carlo methods, Monte-Carlo simulations, propagation delay, Propagation delay, radiowave propagation, real propagation environments, receiver position, SAGE algorithm, space alternating generalized expectation maximization, Spatial resolution, transverse electromagnetic plane waves, Wideband, wideband angle of arrival estimation


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