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Interference between resonant Raman Auger decay and direct excitation manifested in orientation and alignment of KrII 4p⁴(¹D)5p ²P3/2 ions

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Schartner, K.; Schill, R.; Hasselkamp, D.; Mickat, S.; Kammer, S.; Werner, L.; Klumpp, S.; Ehresmann, A.; Schmoranzer, H.; Lagutin, B.; Sukhorukov, V.
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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
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The orientation parameter O10 for the 4p4(1D)5p2P3/2 state of Kr II populated in resonant Auger transitions from 3d95p/6p photo-excited states was measured at BESSY II for photon energies between 90.8 eV and 92.9 eV. The (1D)5p2P3/2 satellite was populated in the Raman regime, i.e. with a bandwidth of the exciting photons (10 meV) smaller than the natural width of the 3d95p/6p states. Partial cross sections determined from the measurement of the orientation O10 and alignment A20 are compared with results of calculations where the non-resonant part of the photoionization cross section is computed within the sudden approximation. The electron partial wave analysis as the main intention of this investigation shows that this approach yields partial cross sections for the s1/2 (d5/2) waves that are larger (smaller) than the measured ones.

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