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Partial wave analysis of interfering Kr 3d⁹5p resonant Raman Auger transitions based on measurements of alignment and orientation parameters within the natural line width

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Schartner, K.; Schill, R.; Hasselkamp, D.; Mickat, S.; Kammer, S.; Werner, L.; Klumpp, S.; Ehresmann, A.; Schmoranzer, H.; Lagutin, B.; Sukhorukov, V.
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Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics
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The alignment parameter A20 and the orientation parameter O10 for the 4p4(1D)5p2F7/2 and the 4p4(1D)5p2D5/2 states of Kr+ populated in resonant Auger transitions from 3d95p/6p photo-excited states of Kr were measured at BESSY II for photon energies between 91 eV and 92.8 eV. The method of fluorescence polarimetry was applied. A bandwidth of the exciting photons of 10 meV allowed to study A20 and O10 within the natural line width. Interference effects for resonances overlapping due to lifetime broadening were predicted and observed even when separated by 15 times the natural line width. The relative contribution of the three allowed electron partial waves was derived from A20 and O10 as a function of the exciting-photon energy and compared with the calculated contributions. The resulting good overall agreement between experiment and prediction is considered as a noticeable improvement of the understanding of excitation and decay of the prominent Kr 3d95p resonances.

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