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RoboGasInspector Research Project: Detecting Gas Leaks With Autonomous Mobile Robots

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Habib, A.; Bonow, G.; Kroll, A.; Hegenberg, J.; Schmidt, L.; Barz, T.; Schulz, D.
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Nine project partners developed the prototype of an autonomous mobile robot for detecting gas leaks in extensive industrial plants within the context of the "AUTONOMIK" programme of the German Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs and Energy. The system's autonomous mobility was put into practice using various sensors for auto-localisation and navigation. In addition, it includes an option to intervene manually in the process using teleoperation. Equipped with video and remote gas detection technology, the robot can carry out inspections in industrial plants without having to enter possible hazard areas and without any person present on site.

The robot can be used for routine inspection of plants or systematic examination of specific parts of the plant. Using remote metrology technology, it is also possible to inspect parts of the plant that are difficult to inspect using traditional measuring instruments due to limited accessibility.

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