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Die 3D-Visualisierung in der ereignisdiskreten Simulation - Stellenwert und Entwicklungstendenzen

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Schmitz, M.; Wenzel, S.
Dangelmaier, Wilhelm; Laroque, Christoph; Klaas, Alexander
W.V. Westfalia Druck GmbH
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Simulation in Produktion und Logistik 2013
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HNI-Verlagsschriftenreihe, zgl. Tagungsband 15. ASIM-Fachtagung Simulation in Produktion und Logstik, zgl. ASIM-Mitteilung Nr. 147
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The benefits using 3D-visualization in the context of discrete-event simulation are scientifically proven and manufacturers of simulation software have been integrating advanced methods for 3D-visualization in their products for the past years. Despite these efforts the actual utilization of 3D-visualization in the context of discrete-event simulation remains unknown; experiences from university and service sector suggest that it is commonly not used. This article describes a questionnaire that queries the current situation, trends and thoughts about 3D-visualization in discrete-event simulation and presents its results. Especially differences in actual utilization, future plans and trends between small, mid-sized and large enterprises as well as between different branches of industry are worked out.

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