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Impact matrix: a tool to improve animal health by a systemic approach

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Hoischen-Taubner, S.; Sundrum, A.
Rahmann, G.
vTI [u.a.]
Braunschweig [u.a.]
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Tackling the future challenges of organic animal husbandry 2nd Organic Animal Husbandry Conference, Hamburg, Trenthorst, 12 - 14 September, 2012
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Landbauforschung : Sonderheft
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Multifactorial diseases are a serious matter not only in conventional but also in organic livestock production. Due to the fact that the farm specific status of animal health is determined by the interactionof risk factors within the farm system, a systemic approach has been developed for organicpig farming. By making use of an impact matrix, the interactions of 22 health relevant variableswere evaluated and their systemic roles calculated on 10 organic farms. Variables in an ‘active'role indicated the most effective measures. The set of ‘active' variables on the pig farms differedbetween 6 and 12, mostly different variables. Moreover, most of the variables were found in varioussystemic roles. The ranking of variables, regarding the impact on animal health, differed widelybetween the farms. The impact matrix shows options to identify the most effective measures to improveanimal health in the farm specific situation, taking the interconnections of risk factors intoaccount.

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