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Development of Test-Benches for GNSS-Components in Strong Electric and Magnetic Fields

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Brockhaus, H.; Claudi, A.
Jinan, China
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Accepted for publication
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4th International Conference on Applied Robotics for the Power Industry (CARPI), 2016


For the monitoring of high-voltage-overhead-lines, automated robotic systems increasingly come to use. Regardless of whether this is set to linecrawler-technology or aerial platforms, Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) are used for navigation and geo-referencing on nearly all of these robotic

systems. In order to test the function and quality of GNSSreceivers and -antennas at these environmental conditions with increased electric and magnetic field-strengths in a laboratory environment, in this contribution test-benches are designed to reproduce the field-strengths. Therefor potential interferencemechanisms are identified and defined, advantages and disadvantages of indoor- and outdoor-test-benches are balanced, a reference-transmission-line is defined, expectable fieldstrengths in the vicinity of the transmission-line are simulated and finally the test-geometries are determined.

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