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Resistance of Adhesive Bonding of Ultra-High Performance Concrete to Hygrothermal, Corrosive and Freeze-Thaw Cycling Environments

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Freisinger-Schadow, S.; Krelaus, R.; Wisner, G.; Schmidt, M.; Böhm, S.; Dilger, K.
ASTM International
West Conshohocken, USA
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Journal of ASTM International Selected Technical Papers STP1514
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Durability of Building and Construction Sealants and Adhesives
Volume number:
3rd Volume

Ultra-high performance concrete (UHPC) with its unique material properties is suitable for the application of adhesive bonding as a joining technique. The results presented In this paper were generated as part of a research project aimed at investigating the properties of UHPC adhesive joints In terms of reliability, safety, and load bearing capacity. Fourteen adhesives were tested for strength and durability considering varying conditions of substrate surface pretreatment and different UHPC compositions. Tests under hygrothermal, freezing, and salt-spraying exposures were performed to investigate the long-term durability under different climatic conditions.

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