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Angular distribution of the fluorescence radiation of Kr II satellite states

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Schmoranzer, H.; Lauer, S.; Vollweiler, F.; Ehresmann, A.; Sukhorukov, V.; Lagutin, B.; Petrov, I.; Demekhin, P.; Schartner, K.; Magel, B.; Mentzel, G.
Journal of Physics B: Atomic, Molecular and Optical Physics

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Photon-induced fluorescence spectroscopy was applied for the first time to investigate the anisotropy of VUV radiation emitted from Kr II satellite states with total angular momentum J ≥ 3/2 after the photoionization of the Kr atom by linearly polarized synchrotron radiation near the 4s threshold. The measurements showed that the sign of the alignment parameter is practically independent of the exciting-photon energy for the ionic state with J = 5/2, whereas for the states with J = 3/2 the alignment parameter changes sign with varying energy. Simple formulae connecting the angular distribution parameter and the alignment parameter with the kinematics of our experiment and with quantities describing the dynamics of the photoionization were derived in closed form. Partial and total cross sections for the photoionization of 4p, 4s and several satellite levels were calculated taking into account many-electron correlations and doubly-excited states. For the satellite states with J ≥ 3/2 the dependence of the angular distribution parameter on the exciting-photon energy was calculated. Good overall agreement between theory and experiment was obtained.

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