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Modifications of magnetic anisotropy and magnetization reversal in [Co0.4 nm/Pd0.7 nm]₅₀ multilayers induced by 10 keV-He ion bombardment

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Ehresmann, A.; Hellwig, O.; Buhl, O.; Müglich, N.; Weis, T.; Engel, D.
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Journal of Applied Physics
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[Co0.4 nm/Pd0.7 nm]50 multilayers with Pd film thicknesses in the first ferromagnetic maximum of interlayer exchange coupling display almost purely perpendicular-to-plane anisotropy and labyrinth stripe domain patterns in remanence. Their magnetization reversal is characterized by domain nucleation starting at a defined field HN and domain wall movement in a defined magnetic field range. The modification of the magnetization reversal by 10 keV He ion bombardment due to the reduced magnetic anisotropy has been investigated by polar magneto-optical Kerr effect, by vibrating sample magnetometry, and by magnetic force microscopy at room temperature. It is shown that the ion bombardment creates and increases areas with ferromagnetic in-plane anisotropy and proportions of the sample showing superparamagnetism, the latter predominantly in the deeper layers.

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