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Domain propagation in He-ion-bombarded magnetic wires with opposite exchange bias

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McCord, J.; Schäfer, R.; Theis-Bröhl, K.; Zabel, H.; Schmalhorst, J.; Höink, V.; Brückl, H.; Weis, T.; Engel, D.; Ehresmann, A.
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Journal of Applied Physics
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Exchange-biased IrMn/CoFe full films are magnetically structured with He-ion bombardment into stripes with antiparallel-aligned loop shift. The patterning results in a two-step magnetization loop corresponding to two regions of oppositely aligned exchange bias. The longitudinal magnetization reversal through head-on domain-wall motion and partial penetration of magnetization from neighboring strips is highly asymmetric involving ripplelike domain structures and incoherent rotation of magnetization. In addition, Néel-wall-like structures with a preferred sense of rotation are formed at the edges of the strips. Along the transverse direction the reversal is dominated by the switching of the magnetic border structures between the strips. Complicated domain patterns are generated under other external field angles.

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