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Fully integrated high voltage charge pump for energy-efficient reconfigurable multi-band RF-transceivers

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Hofmann, K.; Shen, L.; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, E.; Maune, H.; Shah, I.; Dahlhaus, D.; Jakoby, R.
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Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC), 2012 IEEE 34th International

This paper presents a fully integrated high voltage charge pump which enables a reconfigurable, energy-efficient multi-band transceiver. Using a high voltage CMOS technology from Austriamicrosystems and a 4-phase charge-pump (DC/DC converter) circuit architecture, up to 120 V supply voltage can be generated from a 3.7 V DC battery using this monolithically integrated circuit. The very small footprint of this solution enables the integration of this multi-band transceiver in mobile devices, whereas the concept of reconfigurability can also be applied to fixed transceiver installations to optimize power efficiency.

4-phase charge-pump, Austriamicrosystems, charge pump circuits, Charge pumps, Clocks, CMOS charge pump, CMOS integrated circuits, CMOS technology, DC battery, DC-DC conversion, DC/DC converter, DC-DC power convertors, energy-efficient reconfigurable multiband RF-transceivers, fixed transceiver installations, fully integrated high voltage charge pump, high voltage CMOS technology, High voltage generation, Layout, mobile devices, monolithically integrated circuit, radio transceivers, Reconfigurable multi-band transceiver, Threshold voltage, Transceivers, voltage 3.7 V

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